Standard list name:Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3 
Number of words:2,048 
Reference(s) (Royal Museum for Central Africa) 
Notes:"Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3" is a list of glosses for reconstructed roots of common-Bantu. While the reference numbers refer to the ID number of the reconstruction found on the BLR3 web site (, the reconstructions themselves are found on that site and not on that of ComparaLex. 
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#List ID List Gloss (English) List Gloss (French)
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10001oil-palmpalmier à huile
20002enclosure, house, yardenclos
30004dwell, be, becomehabiter
40004dwell, be, becomeêtre, devenir
50005be bitter; smart; itch; be sharp; sting; hurt(être) amer
60005be bitter; smart; itch; be sharp; sting; hurt(être) pointu, trenchant, aigu
70005be bitter; smart; itch; be sharp; sting; hurtpiqûre
90013antelope bushbuckguib harnaché
110019marryse marier, épouser
130022begin, tr.commencer
140024open space; (country NE,SE); garden, fieldbrousse, campagne
150024open space; (country NE,SE); garden, fieldjardin
160024open space; (country NE,SE); garden, fieldchamp
170026burn, slight, through sitting near firebrûlure
180028spot, speckle; colour; wound, scartache, tacheture
190028spot, speckle; colour; wound, scarcicatrice
200033palm-tree; midrib of palm-frond; leaf of palmnervure centrale de palme, rachis