Standard list name:SIL Comparative African Word List (domains in gloss) 
Number of words:1,700 
Reference(s):Snider, Keith and James Roberts. 2004. SIL Comparative African Word List (SILCAWL). The Journal of West African Languages 31.2: 73-122. (Also published with permission in 2006 at 
Notes:The semantic domains associated with the SIL Comparative African Wordlist items as shown in Snider and Roberts 2004. 
Used by:0 languages 
#List ID List Gloss (English) List Gloss (French)
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10001body (1.1)corps
20002skin (of man) (1.1)peau (d'homme)
30003head (1.1.1)tête
40004forehead (1.1.1)front
50005face (1.1.1)visage
60006eye (1.1.1)oeil
70007eyebrow (1.1.1)sourcil
80008eyelid (1.1.1)paupière
90009eyelash (1.1.1)cil
100010pupil (of eye) (1.1.1)pupille
110011nose (1.1.1)nez
120012bridge (of nose) (1.1.1)arête, dos du nez
130013ear (1.1.1)oreille
140014cheek (1.1.1)joue
150015mouth (1.1.1)bouche
160016lip (1.1.1)lèvre
170017tongue (1.1.1)langue
180018tooth (1.1.1)dent
190019molar tooth (1.1.1)molaire
200020palate (1.1.1)palais (de la bouche)