Standard list name:Tanzanian Language Survey 
Number of words:1,133 
Reference(s):Nurse, D. and G. Phillipson. 1975. The North-East Bantu Languages of Tanzania and Kenya: a Classification. KiSwahili 45.2 1-28. 
Notes:The “Tanzanian Language Survey” 1,000-word word list was used to elicit data for 100 Eastern Bantu languages. Those data are currently being made available through the Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary project (CBOLD project). 
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#List ID List Gloss (English) List Gloss (French)
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10001be, becomeêtre, devenir
20002itch (v)égratigner, érafler
30003singebrûler légèrement, roussir
40004count (v)compter
50005spot, speckletacher, tacheter
60006raphia palmraphia
70007borassus palmrônier
80008oil palmpalmier à huile
90009date palmdattier
100011tent pegspiquets de tente
120013plot of groundterrain
140015you singtu (sing)
150016in front ofdevant
160017breast (ya mke)sein, mamelle
170018udderpis, mamelle
180019milk (kwa kunywa)lait
190019milk (kwa kunywa)lait
200020curdled milklait caillé