Standard list name:Comparative Chadic Word List 
Number of words:436 
Reference(s):Kraft, Charles H. (ed.). 1981. Chadic Wordlists. Marburger Studien zur Afrika- und Asienkunde; Serie A: Afrika Band 23–25. Berlin: Reimer. 
Notes:The “Comparative Chadic Word List” consists of the glosses from Kraft's Chadic Wordlists, used to elicit data for some sixty Nigerian and Cameroonian Chadic languages. 
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#List ID List Gloss (English) List Gloss (French)
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1001oneun (1)
2002twodeux (2)
3003threetrois (3)
4004fourquatre (4)
5005fivecinq (5)
6006sixsix (6)
7007sevensept (7)
8008eighthuit (8)
9009nineneuf (9)
10010tendix (10)
11011elevenonze (11)
12012twelvedouze (12)
13013thirteentreize (13)
14014eighteendix-huit (18)
15015nineteendix-neuf (19)
16016twentyvingt (20)
17017twenty-onevingt et un (21)
18018twenty fourvingt-quatre
19019twenty fivevingt-cinq
20020thirtytrente (30)