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Word list name:Northeast Izere (Izere) 
Location of idiolect:South Izere: Plateau state, Barikin Ladi LGA; North,Northeast Izere: Plateau state, Jos LGA; Bauchistate, Toro LGA; and Kaduna state, Jema'a LGA 
ISO 639-3 code:izr (more info at 
Standard list used
for elicitation:
Benue-Congo Comparative Word List 
Audio files:0 wav, 0 mp3 
Copyright:Kay Williamson 
Date elicited:Published 1971 (see Elsewhere published) 
Contributing researcher: 
Acknowledgements:Thanks to Roger Blench who submitted this data to ComparaLex 
Elsewhere published:The Benue-Congo Comparative Wordlist was originally published in Ibadan in two volumes edited by Kay Williamson and Kiyoshi Shimizu (Williamson and Shimizu 1968; Williamson 1973; see also Williamson 1971) 
Comments:The researcher labeled this language as Northeast Izere, the Ethnologue language name is Izere, and the Ethnologue dialect name is Northeast Izere 
 Izere [izr] - Northeast Izere (Izere)
Gloss Phonetic Word
Pl Phonetic
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3004ARROWri-fér a-
5006ASK (A QUESTION)ṛisìm  
7010BELLYrí-bú a̍-
8012BUFFALOì-zàr i-zár
9013BUILD, TO (CF. SEW)nɔk, hab. nɔ́:s  
10014CALABASHka̍-kɛ́ṛɛ́ŋ nà-
11017CHILDi-gɔn ì-nò:m
12021COUNT: DRAW A LINEfa̍  
13024CROCODILEà-kòrtsàŋ á-
14025DANCE, TO  
15027DIE: DEATH  
16028DIVIDE, SHARE OUT, TOkábák hab. ka̍sàp
17030BECOME DRY, TO-ko:r  
18031EARkú-tò á-
19032EAT, TOjá; jás (hab.)  
20033EGGṛí-tsi á-

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